Perhaps I am a rather boring person….

Recently, in an abrupt moment of realisation more suited to one of my characters than to anyone of real flesh and blood, I had an epiphany.

I talk way too much about my characters. That is, they have become so real that when someone asks me “how’s that book coming along?” expecting an answer along the lines of “good.” I launch into a monologue of how trialling such and such’s journey is, or how cool her boots are, or how much trouble she seems to be getting herself into lately, and whether I think I can help pull her out of that trouble (if only she would listen to reason – but then that is quite out of character for her, so I am not expecting that to happen any time soon)… and there I go again! What started as a blog about how I intend to talk less about characters in my novels and concentrate more on real life, has turned into yet another opportunity for me to turn a character around in my mind, and discover what she will be up to the next time I sit at this computer.

So to channel this entry back to my original reason for writing, I will try very hard to talk less about my characters.

You see this epiphany came about while I was searching through my mobile and wondering how many superfluous numbers were in there. I realised – nearly all of my friends work in industries where their utmost tolerance is required…. that is they are all teachers, child care professionals or disability service providers…. The fact that all my friends must have very high tolerance levels in regards to how they react to others undoubtebly means to me that I must fall into the category of either the “high maintenence friend” or the “very boring friend”. And I don’t personlly think I am high maintenance…

So – from this day forward I commit to trying to talk less about my characters….By the way – you’ll never guess what Amara has been up to overnight! LOL


~ by Alissa Anderton on June 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Perhaps I am a rather boring person….”

  1. I get excited when I read your blogs or posts as to what the characters have been up to! BTW what has Arama been doing?

    • Well – I can’t give too much away because at the moment the ending is still quite foggy itself… Amara didn’t want to go with the ending I planned for her. But lets just say, she has been sentenced to death, deceived by the people she least expected and she has blood on her hands. On top of it all – she has just discovered that someone (actually make that two someones) are not who they seem – but she still insists on protecting them…… Don’t ask me why – it is her story, not mine!

  2. I love hearing what your characters have been up to!
    I wouldn’t classify you as high maintenance and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t say you are boring!

  3. You are NOT boring or high maintenance Lis!!!

    I love reading your blogs and I love hearing what your characters have been up too. I so can’t wait to get to read your next book……. 🙂

  4. I came across this old blog entry that i had not read before. Lis you have never been high maintenance to me. I love being around you. You make me a better person by just being you…I would never expect or want anything different. As for being boring ….I think I speak for everyone that knows you ……..AS IF. X

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