Back on Track….Perhaps…..

Well – we are finally through the big move, and starting to settle into our new house. I think the kids are taking it better than me.

Now that I have been confined to the house for 5 days with no contact to the outside world (whooping cough quarantine) one would think I would be able to get on and write something. At least finish the novel which is probably only about 10 pages to being complete. But no. I think I will wallow in self pity for a few more moments before doing anything remotely useful with myself.

At least my bookshelf looks lovely and tidy (grouped into authors and genre.. wish I knew a bit more about the dewey decimal system hehe.) but then what else do you do with yourself when you are not even allowed to cook dinner for fear of infecting your children!


~ by Alissa Anderton on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “Back on Track….Perhaps…..”

  1. Poor Lis!
    I organise my bookshelves like that too (though the kids soon destroy all my hard work – at least on the shelves they can reach!)
    Nathan thinks I am a nutter, but I like my books to be in order!
    Feel better soon. xxx

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