I’ve done it! It’s finished! Cheer and tears!

Oh happiness, relief and contentment. Oh misery, loss and loneliness. The final words, as I lay them on the paper (ok that’s a slightly romantic notion and one that’s not quite accurate, I should say, ‘as I typed them’, but where’s the poetry in that!) let forth a dam of emotion that could only be described as “What the”. If ever you have experienced the true meaning of bittersweet you will understand my semi-mad rambling.

My first draft is complete… that is for the moment the story needs to stop here. Oh I know (and I am sure that any writer of any fiction – or non fiction for that matter could say the same) that I could continue writing Amara’s story forever. Continue to share her alienating nuances and selfish reasoning behind every mistake she has made, and will make. But I need to stop drafting and start polishing. I need to do some work on the parts of her story that have already been written, I need to incorporate all these notations I have made throughout the course of my writing that are currently floating around my desk on scrappy pieces of paper and British Paints colour chips (yes, I was in Bunnings when inspiration struck, and now I have a rainbow of notes to sort through!). I need to make her sound good (Amara, that is).

And I need to do this because if I continue to write, I will forever be on the first draft and my 85,000 word novel will slowly turn into a million word tome (hehe, not to be too dramatic or self appraising), which will need a compendium attachment for anyone to understand even a brief overview of Amara’s story.

So relief then, in the fact that I can stop listening to that voice in my head, and start telling her where she could have been better. And loss, for how do I know that I ever will get back to writing the continuing horror that Amara’s life has turned out to be.

Amara, my knife wielding, blood spilling, non existant, chimerical companion with whom I have spent so many months, there is every possibility that this could be goodbye. Because although I know your story will continue to inhabit my mind and dreams, I have so many other stories to write, and so little time….


~ by Alissa Anderton on September 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “I’ve done it! It’s finished! Cheer and tears!”

  1. omg Im so excited for you!!! Well done Lis

  2. Fantastic Lis!!!!!!! Very exciting 🙂

  3. Horray! Well done!

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