Because they’re mine.

So I was thinking, and, for those of you who can’t get past that line without the customary quip, yes, it did hurt (but only because my mind, upon recovering from its epiphony, was unable to remove my finger from the draw before my 2 year old slammed it shut on my hand), and it occurred to me that there may actually be a reason that some of my friends have yet to check out my blog.

There comes a time for every one, I believe, where you stop worrying about what the world in general would think of your nonsensical pondering and, in my case, meandering views on day-to-day happenings, and you begin to feel the need to shout it out from the rooftops – or in my case, make a very long palaver and then try your darned hardest to turn it into something short enough for people to read without falling asleep. You think people will want to listen. You think you have enough problems and regrets in life to make a very entertaining variety show.

A blog! That is what is needed. A place to record your thoughts, to explore your regrets and tell the world of every epiphany than happens upon your over indulgent mind. The best place for those thoughts is right here, on the web – where every man and his dog (my dog can read, why can’t yours?) can be privy to your inner most revelations.

YAY! – Finally someone will listen!

So why aren’t they all just battering down their cyberdoors to read my blog?

Well to put it quite simply (and this is the exact words of the little angel who enlightened me on this subject) – “No one really cares!”

As Alley MacBeal once said to a co-worker (was it Portia DeRossie or that other chick with the foofy hair that hangs out with Belushi these days) when they asked her what made her problems so much more important than anyone elses, “because they’re mine.”

Therein lies the issue. Only I care enough about the characters in my book to obsess over them daily. Only I care enough about that slippery step outside to bother fixing it (or ask my husband to fix it to be truthful!), and I only care enough about any of my problems to continue letting them stream out onto the computer screen.

What’s that? There’s a little girl in South Africa who has no clothes? Millions of people have nothing to eat on a daily basis and are dying by the minute? Global warming is going to make the Earth melt and the end of the world is near? It is all very sad, I know, and my heart breaks for them.

But, my shoe is broken, and I don’t think I have the money to fix it…. I know you don’t care… that’s my point see – it’s only important to me!


~ by Alissa Anderton on October 13, 2009.

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