I have discovered a world of critiques! Thanks Jo!!

As the entire world now knows, I have put the first few chapters of my first novel, Paragon, on Authonomy (link to the right on my home page if you are interested), and what I got in return has made my day.

You see, as a novice writer, completely unpublished (or pre-published as I have heard some say), I know my books need work. They need an editor, or a friend who’s not afraid to say “Um, actually. That bit really sucks, you might want to rethink it.” (Although if I were that “friend” of Anne Rice I would have told her that the entire premise of the bad guy winning sucked completely in “The Witching Hour” and perhaps this world would have been less one fantastic novel. – For those of you who have read the whole series of the Mayfair Witches… yes, I am now reading Lasher, and I have been *promised* that retribution will come – I look forward to it.)

But back to my point (what was my point again??) Oh. I *do* know that my writing needs work, and lacking any real knowledge of how the whole editing thing works I joined Authonomy.

I am overjoyed that so many people from all over the world have so many positive things to say about my work, happy that people understand where I am coming from with Emily, happy that they all want more, even kind of happy that one person related my book to a japanese anime….

But what I am most pleased about is the lengthy comments on my passive sentencing, my tenedency to use “that” too often and the additional words which need not even be there (ah! but I do love that purple prose…give me we a well purpled peice of life any day over a journalistic veiw of the world.) So thankyou JD Revene, Paxie, Splinker and the rest… you have made my day…

Now I have a lengthy editing process to battle…


~ by Alissa Anderton on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “I have discovered a world of critiques! Thanks Jo!!”

  1. Glad to hear it 🙂

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