Inside the writers mind… a poem that reveals how a fantasy writer thinks.

Lace spun of spider silk, like gossamer, twined

through glittering dewdrops of  crystalline shine.

Flowers, and feathers and pebbles that gleam,

bejewelling crowns of chimerical beings.

Amongst keepers of light, amid dragons of night,

the horses that soar and the creatures that fight,

the vampires, monsters and demons of fear,

and the glowing red eyes that reside in the mirror,

faeriefolk dance in a sun glittered park,

but ever so close to the realm of the dark.

So close that the beasts from the dark tend to stray,

unnoticed, to secretly join the soiree.

These creatures tread lightly whilst light bathes the scene,

but once the dark falls they all crowd in my dreams,

and I stroll through the forests of alien lands,

my weapon of choice, the pen in my hands.

Through thick, veiling undergrowth, at the base of a crest,

there lies my mind as it slumbers in rest,

amid creatures of fantasy, who don’t care to hide,

but eagerly gather, and press at my side,

pushing me, urging, “You must write  your dreams”

so that those in the real world, can see what I’ve seen.

Alissa Anderton

Ok – So I know it’s not particularly good, but every writer is prone to a burst of metrical composition every now and then, and I just thought I would share mine, as it certainly explains much as to why my mind seems to be constantly off with the fairies!!


~ by Alissa Anderton on December 15, 2009.

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