Do some people read with their eyes shut?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am tremendously appreciative of anyone who takes the time to give me criticism I can use to make my writing better, but, when a crucial moment of the plot is revealed in a flashback, and then someone says, “I’m not sure what I was supposed to get out of that flashback, is it really needed.” I tend to wonder if the person has even read my work….

Surely if you are reading a story about a teenager coming to grips with her fathers death, and she has a flashback of the day her father died in an accident that also nearly killed her, causes her months worth of rehab, and makes her give up her dream of becoming a dancer, it should not be hard to figure out **why** the flashback is there.

It’s ok, I’ll see if I can make it more obvious without patronising people who may actually get it. I know I shouldn’t grumble and complain about criticism, especially as I am literally asking for it on my book site, but when I crit someones work, I read it first – with my eyes open.

Besides, when Dr Suess’s Cat in the Hat read with his eyes shut, it made his eyebrows get red hot. “So reading with my eyes shut, I don’t do an awful lot.” (Dr Suess is so so very clever!)


~ by Alissa Anderton on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Do some people read with their eyes shut?”

  1. I think that some people criticise for the sake of it – they are trying to make themselves look smart and perceptive and instead making themselves look foolish and blind, hehehe.
    Constructive criticism is great, but you’re right – read the whole thing, and read it properly!

    • yes I suppose so Krystle. I guess it’s the case with any criticism, you just have to pick and choose what you take seriously…

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