Fairies, princesses, fairy bread and lollipops.

It was my daughters fifth birthday party on Sunday, and amidst the looks of pity and gasps of bewilderment of my peers, and the strange are-you-sure-you’re-not-having-any-fairy-bread-mummy looks from my daughter I got through the day on merely salad, fruit and healthily roasted chicken! Yay.

The most distressing part of the ordeal was not abstaining from eating party food however, it was in the cooking. That is, I couldn’t taste anything before I served it… My usual way of cooking such things as cakes and slices is to add things as necessary and being unable to cook as accustomed I had to rely on recipes… I still to this day do not know if my creations were as scrumptious as they usually are, or if the other mums were just smiling through their gag reflex to make me feel better.

It was the forbidden nature of the party food that had me begin to check the packaging on other foods in wonder of whether there were other Feb-approved foods I could eat outside the standard meat, veg and salad I was living on, and here are some facts that I found interesting.

Banana chips – a snack some would see as the “healthy” option, are in fact, 31% sugar!

Health professionals have suggested that adults should only have around 900mg of sodium per day (that’s salt for those who have been living under a rock for the last 5 years) and I have personally been told that anything with more than 500mg per 100g of product is not such a healthy choice.  Most fresh olives have around 1800mg sodium per 100g, Cornflakes are around the 1170mg mark, Self raising flour has over 700mg, vegemite – 3450mg, and soy sauce – 7190mg… even lentils and chickpeas are above 800mg…

And how about this one… Arnotts Barbecue Shapes are lower in salt and sugar than most kids snacks from the health food aisle… although sadly they are still too processed for my own diet this month.

So jatz biscuits and banana chips are out. Unbuttered popcorn and rice cakes are in… Woohoo!

My next challenge will come about on Friday night. Although in the past we have so rarely set foot in a restaurant that I have forgotten what it is to eat something I have not cooked, we have decided to take Phoebe and Zane out for dinner to celebrate the fact that Phoebe is 5. I pity the poor waiter whom I will grill about what is in their food.

As a final note… for those who were at Phoebe’s party and told me “you don’t need to go on a diet.” This is not a diet. It is a “see-if-I-can-do-it” excercise… Who knows, maybe I will fail, and if that is the case, I promise never to throw a disparaging look towards the TV during an episode of The Biggest Loser again. 

We’ll see.


~ by Alissa Anderton on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fairies, princesses, fairy bread and lollipops.”

  1. I admire your determination (stubbornness)! 😉

  2. Great Post!…

    [..] A bit unrelated, but I totally liked this site post [..]…

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