It is not a matter of willpower.

The incidents that led to the actual event are somewhat shrouded in a haze of flu-like germs. I believe I can not be blamed for my recalcitrant behaviour, rather the blame should lay solely on forces that were far beyond my control!

The weekend started innocently enough, with the promise of a restaurant meal for my daughter who was finally five years old. She chose the mexican restaurant (there was really no swaying her to choose a restaurant that might make me a plate of vegetables) and amongst the arrangements of Nacho’s, Chicken Burritos and over salted fries I ordered for myself a pinto bean and fresh salad taco… all very well, and apart from the actual taco shell (processed) I thought I was on track… but I am pretty sure the pinto beans did, in fact, come from a can. I could taste the salt in them. Nevermind…

On to Sunday morning and Valentines day and along comes my darling husband with croissants in bed… highly processed, highly buttered and salted, but how could I refuse? Never mind…

I suppose though, the worst malefaction of the weekend (that is considering Monday as a part of the weekend) was the pizza… yes pizza. Terrible I know, that one should eat pizza. But I did. You see, I spent the better part of the day layed out on the sofa, with the tissues and strepsils, trying to keep my children from traipsing too close, for fear of their own little bodies contracting whatever it was that I had, a behaviour which ultimately convinced my husband I was too sick to cook dinner. He presented us instead with Pizza, and what could I do? What would you have done?

But nevertheless, here I sit with a handful of cherry tomatoes and a celery stick, completely confident that such a faux pas will not happen again… not until February is over at least.

If there is one thing I have learned from this weekend it is that sometimes you have to relinquish yourself to the universe, and the powers that force junk food into your life, for without that ability to surrender, the weekend just passed would have ended up with a broken five-year old heart, a sad “why-won’t-you-eat-what-I-cooked-for-you” husband and a very hungry me!


~ by Alissa Anderton on February 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “It is not a matter of willpower.”

  1. Did you know that it is a proven fact that the body craves and NEEDS carbs when you are sick. So you did the right thing! 😉

    • Ah well – never let it be said that I deny myself what is good for me… haha… and if Pizza is good for me… then, in the words of one of my fav 80’s Christian Slater movies “So Be It!”

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