I think I’ll just blame it all on the detox.

I have to blame it on the detox, because if I do, then there is a real chance it’s going to get better come March.

It all really came to a head yesterday when a kid jumped on my bag… sounds harmless enough?

Awwww, what happened? you ask, Did he break your sunnies?

Well yes. Yes he did. Along with my mobile phone, my electronic car key (you know the keys that lock and unlock at the push of a button – what a fantastic invention… who needs the stability and dependability of a normal key when you can have one that breaks down!), my purse, the cheques that I needed to pay my hospital bills from the spider bite incident, my rego sticker for my car and a myriad of other equally frustrating but slightly less important objects that like to reside in my bag (although some really have no place there, they just like to lurk in the deep dark depths to decrease the chances of me actually being able to find something when I need it.) 

Let me rewind a little, so you can understand. You see, Phoebe’s prep teacher is slightly anal about her students clean hands (don’t get me wrong, I do love the fact that when Phoebe eats lunch she does so without a plague of germs swarming over her food) and so she asked each parent to donate a bottle of handwash for the kids kitchen. Good ol’ dependable Lis obediently purchased a whole litre of the now offending liquid and put it in her bag for safe keeping. Having arrived early to pick Phoebe up yesterday I volunteered to help the teacher with readers, it was only the “motherly” thing to do, right? So settling myself down I put my bag in the safest place I could find (on the floor next to my leg) but how was I to know that a sprite little fairy, trying to escape from a fire-breathing dragon would promptly stomp on my bag and squish the one litre of liquid over everything.

My keys and phone were swimming, my sunnies broken, and the writing on all cheques, referrals, doctors notes, lists and prescriptions smudged onto one another. Brilliant. At least after my keys were cleaned up they still worked… Hooray! That was one less thing I would have to replace, or so I thought.

This morning (after discovering that the washing machine had eaten and destroyed my only pair of swimmers – SIGH) I drove Zane to Kindy, only to discover that the trauma my keys had endured had suddenly decided to work it’s magic and killed the electronic buttons (that is they stopped working *after* I locked the car… ) leaving me stranded out the front of Kindy, in the rain, with no mobile phone (because that too had hummed it’s last tune after being submersed in hand cleaning liquid.)

So that’s about it really, unless you wanted to count the fact that it has been perfect weather for drying clothes for the last few days, and today is the first day I have actually been able to wash any, so it started raining… or the fact that Telstra keeps sending me stupid marketing messages which I am sure I am getting charged for but every time I call them to turn it off they hang up on me… it could all be blamed on luck, but I would rather believe my issues stem from something I am able to control – like my detox.

All in all, it’s put me in a pretty cranky mood… and it doesn’t help that all chocolate bars at Kmart are seventy-five cents each today… Thankyou Kmart.. but could you please offer me that on Monday… when I can actually eat chocolate!


~ by Alissa Anderton on February 24, 2010.

One Response to “I think I’ll just blame it all on the detox.”

  1. What a crap day Lis!

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