I didn’t write “BOOBS” on the calculator…



So yeah, I got told to grow up yesterday. I can’t say it’s a rare occurrence. Occasionally I get the odd, “You’re hilarious,” or “Love that five year old humour,” or “Are you sure you need another coffee?” But overall the general consensus is that at about my age, it’s probably about time to grow up.

Particularly at work.

Apparently drawing smiley faces on the sign in board is not very grown up. Same goes for leaving happy little notes amongst the files for my colleagues, kicking out a quick Charleston on the way through the office, and writing ‘boobs’ on the calculator.

Apparently dancing in the car to tragic nineties pop, or singing Bon Jovi at the top of your voice whilst air-guitaring the instrumental of ‘Bed of Roses’ is not very grown up.

Apparently laughing when someone asks you to show some decorum, or eating snickers bars for lunch, or playing trolley races, or quoting lines from ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ is not very grown up. (Don’t bite your friends people. Really, Yo Gabba Gabba has some seriously intensive morals.)

Apparently exhibiting attention seeking behaviour, or encouraging your pre teen relatives to choreograph Beyonce style dance moves to Travie McCoy songs, or submersing yourself into music whenever there is a premonition of trouble in the air is not very grown up.

Apparently posting photos on Facebook of you reinacting scenes from Karate Kid is not very grown up.

Apparently licking your nieces face when she is about to get into trouble is not very grown up.

Apparently having a chipmunk voice proclaiming there is a vibrating phone in your pocket whenever a text comes through is not very grown up.

So I suppose I should cut it all out.

Stop pretending to be five years old, stop giggling when my nephew sticks skittles up his nose, and stop teaching my sixty five year old colleague how to write rude words on the calculator.

Yes from now on I will be serious.

I promise…


Now where did I put that calculator?


~ by Alissa Anderton on June 30, 2010.

10 Responses to “I didn’t write “BOOBS” on the calculator…”

  1. Pfft to anyone that tells you to grow up Lis!! You sound like a fantastic person to be around!!
    Oh and btw, I still write “boobs” on the calculator LMAO!!

  2. Oh and also, you might have chipmunks as your sms tone, but I have Mr T!!! So there 😛

    • Oh, we need chipmunks quoting Mr T… “Quit yo Jibber Jabber and answer your damn phone fool…”

  3. hahaha! best blog yet i think! guess i better grow up as well if i think its that funny………. 🙂

    • yeah yeah Dani, didn’t you know 30 is old? Get out those knitting needles and come sit next to me on the porch deary…

  4. lovely writing!

  5. Sounds like you have to stop having fun to be a grown up, so I say…pfffft. ;P

    • yes, pfft, that’s what I say Krystle… we should all have fun fun fun til our daddy takes our T-birds away….

  6. Good post. Life is too short to not have fun and be happy. Rock on.

  7. you know i cant comment on this one.
    dammit thats a comment!

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