Alissa Rocks… (no she really does)

No words of wisdom (or should I say opinionated confusion) for you today.

Just an anagram.

My own little anagram.

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It says “Alissa Rocks”… see??  Alissa up one way, Rocks upside down.

Cool hey!

Just had a thought that if you can anagram something it must be true.

And so here is my proof, I have been saying it for years, but no one believed me… what say ye naysayers now!! Hah.

I say ALISSA ROCKS! Aint no denying it now people!

(NB: OK, I’m sorry he-who-shall-remain-nameless it is not TECHNICALLY an anagram… but let me dream.)

I KNOW I KNOW… AMBIGRAM… I WAS WRONG…  In my defense… anyone want a snickers bar?? I am completely stocked up!


~ by Alissa Anderton on July 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “Alissa Rocks… (no she really does)”

  1. Very cool Lis 🙂

  2. That’s an ambigram. It’s like an anagram but approximately 147.5 times cleverer. Keep rockin’ Alissa!

    [hangs head in shame] guess that shows I am a Dan Brown reader…

    • LOL, thanks sci fi, I’m a Dan Brown reader too, no need to hang your head in shame… Thanks for lending me your genius on the diff between an anagram and ambigram… I’ll just leave it to the experts and do what I do best.. and that’s rock! HA!

  3. Hehehehe – were you bored that day, Lis?
    It’s very cool, though.
    And it’s an ambigram… SORT OF. 😉

  4. Oh I know it’s an ambigram… I just wish I was smart enough to not get my words all mixed up… (in my defense I did have other things on my mind the day I posted this… like hazlenut snickers bars being 84c at Coles…)

  5. This is very cool Alissa. How do you think up these things? Amazing.

  6. Cool

  7. nearly impressed

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