Why I haven’t blogged this week…

Oh don’t worry, there’s plenty in there, just waiting to come out… in fact some of you may noticed there was something else recently that mysteriously disappeared (oh I am so darn mysterious… secret agent type mysterious) – and there’s my excuse, I am really a secret agent in disguise and the reason my blogs have been mysteriously empty is because I am off saving the sorry arse of the world as we know it and I have no time for talking.

No time for talking? I hear you say. How on Earth have you managed to survive?

Good point, and here is my answer to that question. Snickers. Yes, eat enough of those things and you really can’t talk… I mean has anyone actually tried that whole ‘eat a snickers by the time this add finishes’ trick? I have. It’s hard. So if you want someone else to shut up for a while, give them the snickers challenge. Trust me on this one, if a snickers can shut me up, they can shut anyone up.

I know, I don’t expect anyone will actually believe I have had a snickers in my mouth 24/7 for the last week, unless of course you know me really well, in which case incessant snickers eating will come as no surprise, but I do have to confess that there has been one more element that has been keeping me from my blog. Florence. Sonorous, blazing, ear-pounding, heart-catching Florence and the Machine.

In between snickers I can’t help but quote Florence lyrics, forcefully, dramatically and completely out of tune. I belt out verses about burning beds, one eyed girls and wandering around in the blackness of lost love. I perform from the balcony, blanketing the hills of the valley (and all the residents that live within) with my own cacophonous version of Rabbit Heart, silently delighting in the discord of my voice and the distress seems to bring to the birds in the garden and the guy that lives at the bottom of the hill, who just two days ago yelled “shut up”, to the dogs fighting in his back yard (No, he really was talking to the dogs, really… or actually… maybe I should ask him before my next crooning session…)

Anyway, point being, if I had been around to blog, I most likely would have given you nothing more than a few verses of whatever glorious Florence masterpiece seemed to be filling my head that day, in fact here’s one now… just cos it’s there in my head, and I have to share but my tenant is home downstairs and I really do try to be considerate (sorry man with dogs at the bottom of the hill.)

“The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out, you left me in the dark. No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight, in the shadow of your heart.”

So there are my excuses. Snickers, Florence (sometimes both at the same time – now there’s a good trick… youtube video in the making) and saving the world.

Good excuses?

Thankyou – I’m glad you agree.

(Oh, and did I mention my new Macbook, because I went out and got me one. Yay! A little present for me, just for reaching the end of my snickers stock… so I am a PC converted to a Mac, only I am still learning about the Mac side of the world, it’s tricking me a little, too many years of PC thinking has Mac-stumped me… now I wonder if you’re all smart enough to figure out the real reason I haven’t been able to blog this past week or so…)


~ by Alissa Anderton on July 23, 2010.

One Response to “Why I haven’t blogged this week…”

  1. LOL Lis – great blog. We are converting to a Mac soon too!! Can’t wait. Hope you are having fun with it and yay for getting something for yourself 🙂 You deserve it. Now go and eat another snickers bar hehehehehe 😛

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