The Man with the Wildebeest Heart

Invincibly safe behind steel,

keeping heart and mind apart,

trembling and scared to dream,

lies he with a wildebeest heart,

never showing his true face,

wary of his heart of glass,

startled and ready to bolt,

hiding behind a fierce lion mask.

Sweet heart, don’t let your mask slip,

you might just let someones heart in

safe locked up in your fortress

steel walls are the perfect defense.

There came a day when another heart,

looked through the gaps, saw through the lie,

she held his hand as he told,

her of the ways, he’d learn to fly.

She searched in his words and she found

a heart just like hers, weak from the fight,

of keeping the real world at bay,

running from day, guarding at night,

but never really understanding flight.

Imploringly she stood alone on the grass,

a rabbit heart, nothing more,

yet even empowered by his lion’s mask,

he couldn’t leave open the fortress door.

Startled and dizzy at the cliff’s precipice

rabbit heart stumbled against the wall

tumbling, screaming out to be saved,

as Lion Mask stood and watched her fall.

Baby, keep up the pretense,

there’s no need to weigh up the expense,

Lion Mask, it don’t have to make sense,

just don’t let a connection commence.

Lion Mask, soon you’ll be outgrown,

no one to worship at your paper throne

at least you’re safe if you’re alone

just keep running away from the unknown.

You can leave those who care far behind.

But Lion Mask don’t ever change your mind.

Cos lonely is the world where no love grows,

take it from a Rabbit Heart who knows.


~ by Alissa Anderton on August 21, 2010.

One Response to “The Man with the Wildebeest Heart”


    Black eyed peas leer at me
    While I mow the waters edge
    Sunflower faces peer at me
    Over the neighbours hedge

    I lay down in the fallen snow
    And create angels with spasms of pain
    You arrive and bury me
    Then disembowel me once again

    I try to rise out of this dream
    The night is still too cold
    You drag me back by the collar
    Then I slowly start to unfold

    I rise above the mountain ranges
    And sink beneath the sea
    I run from you at every turn
    But you’re always ahead of me

    I close my eyes and see myself
    For everything that I’m not
    You look at me and laugh aloud
    As my blood begins to clot

    Congealing membranes leak on the ground
    And I ask you for a light
    I smoke the ashes of love never found
    And pray I last through the night

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