Excuse me Miss Rhonda Byrne, I have a Secret question…

Some people say I could find an opposing argument to any situation presented to me, even if I agreed with the initial theory in the first place. I do not agree… I can not, and will not argue against the healing properties of chocolate in abundance.

Anything else, and I’m willing to give it a go.

So here’s todays topic.

Rhonda Byrne.

Well, not Rhonda Byrne exactly, but her book, The Secret.

I realise those who have read it are probably saying something along the lines of people who argue against the theory do not believe in it, so it will not work, therefore giving you more cause to question it.

I want to make it clear, I am not questioning it’s plausibility, I am completely at ease with the concept of having money and objects pop into existence, and favourable situations creating themselves through positive thought. In fact, I WILL believe it, because it will mean I will have a happy life, my novels will all be published and my inflatable swimming pool will grow tiles and a water fountain as it expands to olympic proportions.

I have to believe it, quantum physics prove it.

But I do have a couple of questions…

The theory is that if you believe something is truly there, you will see it. Whether it is bad or good, if you truly believe, without any doubt that you will find the true love of your life, or if you believe that a million dollar cheque will make itself available to you, or if you believe that your sister will streak naked across the garden during the wedding ceremony you paid ten thousand dollars to make perfect, it WILL happen. The reason the impossibly good stuff never happens is because somewhere in us we know it is impossible. Impossibly bad stuff happens because it is expected to.

So here is a hypothetical I have been ruminating on…

I recall seeing a figure at the end of my bed most nights as a child, a black, human shaped smudge that stood at the foot of my bed, watching me… I called it my monster. I didn’t like it. It terrified me. And it was real. The problem was, when mum came in at night, to check on me, and found me awake and shivering in my blankets she couldn’t see it.

My question is: Did I think that creature into existence? And did mum not see it, because she didn’t believe it possible?

Another hypothetical…

I would rather like a bike.

One of these would be good…

…but a CBR1000RR would do just as nicely, you know, to keep it realistic and all…

So I will think positive. I WILL have a Honda motorcyle… I DO have a Honda. In fact, I’ve already cleared a space in my garage for my brand new shiny black friend… So after a few weeks or months of thinking it into my life I’ll have it right? Just like I had that monster at the end of my bed.

My bike will be there for me to see and touch, just like my monster was.

The monster my mum couldn’t see because she didn’t believe it existed.

My neighbour doesn’t believe I’ll ever get me a bike…

Are you following me?

If two people believe different things, who is going to be right?

My parents didn’t believe in my monster, I did.

My neighbour doesn’t believe I’ll ever get a bike, I do.

Julia Gillard believed she was going to be Prime Minister, Tony Abbot believed he was going to be Prime Minister…

Who does the universe choose to humour? The person with the strongest belief? The person with the most imaginative visualising power? Me or my neighbour? Julia or Tony? Robbie Williams?

So that was my first question.

Another thing that  I wondered was this…

The Secret maintains that the universe does not distinguish between good or bad. If you are feeling good about something it will give you goodness back, if you are feeling negative about something, it will give you negative stuff back. If you send out love and happy thoughts to people you will get love back, if you seek revenge against someone, you will draw bad situations to you, and you will not be happy.

If a serial killer visualised all his victims deaths, if he were to feel satisfaction in the fact that he was killing people, if the universe heard this or felt it, or whatever the Universe does, and granted him a response to his thoughts, would it make him happy or sad?

I mean, should a humane mind turn over the concept of killing someone they would consider their thoughts to be bad, it would make them feel bad, they would indubitably receive bad situations in their life in return. If a sadist were to consider inflicting pain upon someone it would, in their mind at least, be a positive thought. Would they receive positiveness from the universe in response to their “good feelings” about hurting someone?

If the universe can not distinguish between bad or good thoughts, can it distinguish between moral or immoral actions? Or does it rely solely on the feelings that the person performing the actions hold?

If you do bad things, and feel no guilt for them… will Karma come and bite you in the butt as Karma believers hope? Or is Karma just another name for the Universe that can not distinguish good from evil?

Hmm, I’m going to sign off here, because a million more questions have popped into existence and I am going to ask them to Rhonda Byrne instead. What’s that you say?? I’ll never get close enough to Rhonda to be able to ask, cos she’s so famous and protected and all that…

Well, I just have to believe, that one day soon, instead of sitting on my sofa, watching “Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy” and picking Cheeto’s out of my hair, I will be conferencing with Rhonda Byrne, and I will ask her these questions.

I DO believe. I do… In fact, I’m off to buy me a plane ticket now…



~ by Alissa Anderton on September 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “Excuse me Miss Rhonda Byrne, I have a Secret question…”

  1. Hey, at least we both believe in the healing properties of chocolate. That definitely makes it true!

    • for sure… Im sure we can get a few more believers… Once at least 5 people believe, it becomes the truth…

  2. SO someone writes and sells a book encouraging schizophrenia – just great!

  3. Well, here’s three for chocolate!

  4. To be honest, I have never read the Secret. But I went through a couple of shit jobs before deciding I wanted to work in a bottle shop. For about 2 years I told people that was my goal and if I had the choice, it would be Mac’s Hotel. I can name a minimum of 4 people that can verify that. BTW, in case you’ve forgotten, I now work in the Mac’s bottle shop. I’ve never been well off, but things always seem to crop up at the right time for me. Is that because of self belief? No. Is that because the universe is looking out for me? I highly doubt it. Does it have something to do with Karma? Maybe. I guess my point is, win or lose, I don’t feel the need to attribute it, or blame it, on someone or something, I am happy just to attribute my life to me. Yeah I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve also made right choices. I have friendships that mean more to me than anything. They are my testament. If I believed them into being, then I need to exercise my mind more, because with them, is this too many commas? We would rule the world.

  5. I read The Secret.

    One day when I was hungover and couldn’t move, all I was craving was a fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice. I envisioned it. I could feel the cold cup in my hands. I could taste the raspberries and lime.

    But I couldn’t conjure that shit…until I threw my brother a $20 to go get one for me.

    Does that count?

    • YES! that definitely counts. And what’s more it proves the universe is open to the option of bribes…


      what would happen if I threw a twenty off the balcony, perhaps the universe would grant me wings?

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