More Phoenix…

I just realised something….

two things actually…

My last post about Phoenixes (phoenices if you want to get all latin on me) was actually supposed to be an opportunity for me to brag about my 3 hours in the tattoo shop chair, and then confess to traumatising my skin cells the very next day with hot hot sun… but I got distracted by Sylvia Plath.

And.. well, the next realisation was about a spiderman cake, but we’ll get to that next time, cos now I want to talk about my tattoo…

It has a phoenix in it. Surprised? 🙂 That’s all I really wanted to say on the subject… Oh, except that the tatt shop moved in the same week of my appointment to a lovely new shop on the corner of the Gold Coast Highway, which meant there were no privacy screens up, which meant that everyone who happened to be driving past (and getting stopped by the lights) were privy to topless me making strange faces and muttering an odd, “ow” now and then (ok, I may have yelled out… once… quietly…) I did manage a lovely polite smile to most of the passengers that peeked in (the tatt shop is ALWAYS the one you peek in to right??) and all in all Court (my lovely tatt artist) managed to keep me grimace free for most of the time…

**husband approved back shot**

So now I’m just waiting for someone to tell me I got my spanish all wrong… (I did check it with 2 translators, a spanish dude and a mexican).

Tomorrow – we’ll talk about the spiderman cake.


~ by Alissa Anderton on September 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “More Phoenix…”

  1. Do you think people are getting tattoos without having any idea what they mean. Or why they wanted it. My nephew explained to me that he got a full sleeve tattoo because he thought it would be cool. He is old enough to have a tatoo and had the money to pay for it. So everything was legit except for his reason. I have tats but they all have meaning and I had to earn the priveldge of wearing them. What’s you take on people getting tats for no reason.

    • I can’t speak for anyone else… but I have a rhyme and reason to every single part of my newest tatt… past, present and future is entwined in the words and image…

      I did get a tatt when I was 18, just for the sake of getting one… cos I was 18! Woohoo, celebrate, get inked… but there will never be another drop of ink on me that doesn’t have some intense meaning for me…

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