TOP 3 Quotes from my house this week…

“What’s this?” – – – my three year old holding up a VHS tape in confusion, and examining the hole where the DVD disc usually goes. (Remind me to thank the DVD inventor for creating an entertainment option that is difficult to destroy with a piece of toast.)

“Do I have to put someone in the bin? Because I will if you make me.” – – – my sister’s attempt at disciplining my children. (She has no children of her own… and yes, I checked the bin, none there either.)

“Thomas isn’t my friend anymore. He pretends he’s my friend, but he’s just a boy that plays silly games.” – – – my five year old daughter coming to terms with reality.


~ by Alissa Anderton on October 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “TOP 3 Quotes from my house this week…”

  1. Oh honey. Thomas isn’t my friend either and no matter how cute he gets later you stay far, far away from him…or I’ll put you in the bin!

    • Tried telling her to stay away, but this morning it was “I kissed Thomas Robinson on the lips and now he’s in love with me.”

      I can’t wait until she’s 16!

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