A poem about another point of view.

Today I drowned a wasp that I found floating in my wine,
it’s life no longer is it’s own, but neither is it mine.
With cool precision, fuelled by hate, I drowned it in the sink,
it struggled in the water but I didn’t stop to think,
I didn’t feel a pang at all, I didn’t change my mind,
I didn’t even really feel, that this was cruel, unkind.
If reincarnation exists, perhaps a wasp I’ll be,
and I wont feel resentment if you do the same to me,
I may regret the sunshine, and the pollen and the jam,
but I’ll understand you’re drowning me, because of what I am.

I’m not sure who wrote this, or when I read it, or even if I am remembering it all clearly, it’s just really a distant memory from a poetry book in highschool… but the point of the poem has always impressed upon me and that is why I remember it. The fact that the narrator, projecting themselves into their future as a wasp, has already forgiven the human who will end their life… because they understand the fear and hate that humans hold toward them.

After all, if something is feared and hated… what right does it have to live? (sarcasm people, hear the sarcasm)

Has anyone else surprised themselves by pulling a memory out of the deep basement of their mind, only to discover it still holds the same message as it did when you were younger?


~ by Alissa Anderton on October 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “A poem about another point of view.”

  1. Love the poem. =)

    “After all, if something is feared and hated… what right does it have to live?”

    My son reminded me of that too, even if it is scary or ugly it is a living creature. I still have a hard time thinking that about things like mosquitoes that carry disease. And what about on a microscopic level…what about germs?

    • I like to alleviate my guilt over killing smaller helpless beings by singing “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King… I know it probably does nothing to abate the sudden mortal fear that would strike a germ in the presence of Purell, particularly because I don’t think a germ would be able to hear, much less identify with a theme song from a movie it would never have seen… however if killing a spider is going to avoid the midnight “MUMMY MUMMY THERE”S A SPIDER ON MY PILLOW” then surely that has some bearing upon the circle of life… or not….

  2. It’s the circle of life. We to shall pass away from this earth. It is in that death, that we become equal. We are made of the same energy. Your relationship to the wasp is eternal.


    • Oh, an eternal relationship with a wasp… is that not the ultimate romance?? When all else fails, when there is no one else there to catch me when I fall… I will turn to my waspy friend and with his love I shall be saved…

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