Why do I want to look like Megan Fox?

Why do I want to look like Megan Fox?

Apart from the obvious, it all has to do with Decepticons.

I’ve been invited to a five year old’s party… (this might not seem like it’s in the brilliant event realms of say, the Oscar’s, however, they’re having transformer cake… served by a tutu clad Bumblebee, so it probably runs a close second… ) but simply to get invited is a major YAY! for me, you see, I share my birthday with this kid, and his parties are largely an excuse for me to have an incredibly immature time and then pass it all off as entertaining.

Last year I celebrated as a streamer covered superhero, running through the park, trying not spill her champagne. No, I was not drunk (not at the moment of the racing anyhow.) The superhero running had nothing at all to do with the champers, in fact, I was trying my damned hardest to beat a four year old Sportacus in a foot race, which I inevitably lost.

Fun? yes.

Easy? I was wearing superhero boots, now I understand why Wonderwoman went to the trouble of learning to fly.

Respectful to my age? No. Not one bit.

This year, having been invited to the now five year old’s birthday bash (the name’s lis… it should be there… could you please check again… no they told me I was invited… I am not making it up… get your hands off me… where’s the manager, this is an outrage!!) I have decided to dress as something much more respectable and proper,  however I have been informed, in no uncertain terms, that anyone showing up at the party not looking like a character from transformers will have their arms ripped off and thrown to the Decepticons – or perhaps merely get turned away from the door of the rock climbing centre by the five year old in question.

So I thought for a moment… respectable?…. Proper?… Hmmmm


Makaela Banes! A.K.A Her Foxiness – Megan Fox.

This all seemed a brilliant plan…  until my dear friend pointed out that Megan Fox is… what was the word she used?… HOT. Oh, right…


OK, here’s how I see it, we can ignore everything except the skin. I am going to turn my dayglo white skin (the blacklights in our gym do not lie!) into lightly buttered  and baked until golden Ms Fox Skin.

There are two ways I can do that…

  1. sit in the sun until my freckles are so numerous that they run into each other, or
  2. Getting me some Megan Fox in a bottle.

I think I’ll go with the Le Tan Deep Bronze, mostly because it smells like Malibu… and what mother doesn’t want to smell like coconut rum?

Perhaps… if you squint your eye’s and fuzz them out a little, you know how you’re supposed to when you’re looking at one of those 3D images…

Maybe if I just keep running really really fast I could be mistaken for Megan Fox…

It’s ok, I’ll wake up soon.


~ by Alissa Anderton on October 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Why do I want to look like Megan Fox?”

  1. What IS it about her?? I, too, would kill to look like her…though I’d rather not be married to anyone from 90210…

  2. we have a guy at work whose last name is kevin fox (foxy) and one day i saw a long blonde haired lady getting out of her car at work and i thought to myself ‘who is this?’ she turned around and it was foxy with his hair down WOAH!!!!!!!!!! back to your blog megan should have isa as her middle name. i say no more.

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