Facebook – WIN, Lis – FAIL

Some may have noticed my absence from Facebook last month.

I know someone has…

Well SOMEONE had to have missed me! Even if they didn’t say so. Even if I managed to stay away for an entire month and no one said they missed me… surely they were all thinking it… right?

Look at me! Look at me!!

My aim was to stay away from Facebook for an entire month to see who missed me, but because everybody made it quite obvious that no one did… I’ve decided to change my story.

Actually what really happened was…

After a discussion with my self appointed Facebookers Anonymous Counsellor (AKA husband) we decided it would be a brilliant project for me to skip Facebook for a month…

The theory was, I managed a whole month in February without sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods… surely I could manage a month away from my lifeline… I mean, my Facebook page. Surely that warm fuzzy feeing you get from being “liked” or the comforting knowledge that you have been “poked” is not one of the essentials to life…

Turns out, it kind of is, for an attention seeker.

Hang on, before I tell you whether I did or not I think I need to be backed up by ice cream… Hokey Pokey Ice cream covered in milo, with crushed caramel crowns on top… SEE, my Facebook withdrawal has led me to sweet tooth overindulgence (ah, no Lis, pretty sure that was there before.)

**whispers** failed **cough**

Someone told me if I didn’t log on for thirty days Facebook would erase me. Perfect. An excuse. Of course, I only intended to log on for a second… the status update wasn’t my fault…


What have I learnt from banning myself from Facebook for a month…

  1. Facebook addiction is stronger than a woman’s need to prove a point.
  2. Chocolate is not a satisfactory substitute for attention.
  3. Resisting Facebook not only ends in a Lis – FAIL situation, but also results in excessive text messaging (I had to get my validation for existence from SOMEWHERE!)

Now that the Facebook detox is soon to be over I will need to come up with a new project… perhaps I need to work on reducing my overuse of punctuation… or resisting the temptation to lick my ice cream bowl… perhaps I should just do my ironing.

At any rate, I’m sure you’ll all get to hear about it…


~ by Alissa Anderton on December 3, 2010.

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