Don’t use your underpants as a slingshot…

And welcome to another edition of


This week our quotes are brought to us by my-mother-staying-at-our-house-for-christmas and the letters S, I, G and H (that spells ‘sigh’ for all those spelling bee challenged)

“You have a very useful pussy there.” … my mother instructing her 5 year old granddaughter on the usefulness of the sparkly pink cat statue that she brought with her pocket money.


All this humidity really makes my asthma play up, and I don’t even have asthma.” … my mother discussing the downfalls of a wet sub-tropical Christmas.


“If you can’t get the first one out, don’t stick another one in.” … timely advice to a three year old intent on losing all his marbles in the hollow of a curtain rod.


“Even if they were the richest people in the land, living in a giant mansion, with everything they could ever need, his wife would still have sausages stuck to her nose.” … the only line   I managed to catch from an obviously educational fairy tale, directed at teaching kids the detrimental consequences of greed.


“Don’t use your underpants as a slingshot.” … I don’t think I need to explain this one.


So to all who manages to read this within the next 24 hours, I hope you have a magical, joyful and excitement filled Christmas day.


~ by Alissa Anderton on December 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Don’t use your underpants as a slingshot…”

  1. Thongs make an EXCELLENT slingshot!

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