Dear 2010…

It seems we are at the end of another year.

And so in tribute, I present to you…

“A thankyou letter to 2010”

Dear 2010,

As we approach the impending moment where you will leave us forever, I would like to take a few minutes to thank you for the lessons you have offered me throughout your time with us. Some I have taken to heart, and I know that my life will be richer for the learning (like exactly how close you can hit someone in a game of ‘nerf gun’ russian roulette without leaving a welt) and other’s I have decided to shelve in the dusty backroom of my mind to allow myself another year of mistakes (I know you tried to teach me that not ALL spiders make lovely pets, and almost taking my life from me was a valid way to prove that point, but I do so love their shiny dew covered webs on the balcony in the morning.)

I would like to thank you also for the gift of comprehension that you have bestowed upon my three year old, 2010. Your presence has given him the ability to speak, and annoy, and dob on his sister. Also, I have never been more aware of the fact that if one child is being an angel… I can be assured that the other is throwing flour off the balcony onto our dog’s head, or permanent texta-ing something they shouldn’t.

being permanent textered.

Skin as a canvas for a permanent texta artwork.

I am impressed, 2010, with your fondness to join forces with the stairs in my house, the trees in the parks, and my son’s skateboard. Without them I am sure you would not have been able to continually remind me that no matter how old you get falling down things, out of things and off things hurt, although this is a lesson that I find it hard to learn… perhaps 2011 will do a better job of it than you, and come 2012 I will be less likely to take risks in elevated positions or on rapidly accelerating objects.

So thankyou, 2010, for your lessons. As I enter 2011 I will take with me the friendships I have made in the hospital emergency room, the knowledge that a fifty five year old mother can not grasp the whole “facebook” phenomenon as well as a five year old, and the understanding that sometimes, it is the people that you expect  the least from, who actually give you the most.

Farewell… I can not say that I hope to meet again, for that would be just strange, and if there’s one thing we know about me, it’s that I am as normal as they come, and not strange in any capacity. (No, 2010, you did not teach me sarcasm… I think that can be blamed on 1993.)

Yours Sincerely




~ by Alissa Anderton on December 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dear 2010…”

  1. Love the facial tattoos, so very ‘tough’ looking!

    As for the people we expect the least from giving us the most, you are so right. Some of the people who touched me most deeply this year have done so thru the blogosphere. I’ve built a whole new network of friendships with amazing people I may never have otherwise encountered.

    Cheers to 2011!

    • Hey Tricia…
      They are very tough looking aren’t they! LOL took a while to get off, but I think he managed to pull it off and still look like a dude…

      It is amazing how it is possible to be touched by someone without even meeting them, and how much you can know about someone just by reading their blog.

      There are people that I have met this year, who, in the initial meeting, seemed that they would be merely “ships passing” (you know that poem??) but have turned out to be indispensable supports for me through the trials of 2010.

      So I second your toast..
      cheers to the coming of 2011 and more lessons learnt.

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