No New Years Resolutions.

So many of my friends seem to be forgoing the usual New Years Resolution thing this year, and so I am going to do the same. As one of my fellow bloggers pointed out, “How can I shape 2011 when I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow.” (check out her link on my blogroll – “Tershbango”) So instead of promising myself that I will eat less chocolate, or try to not let things get to me so much, or avoid falling out of so many trees, I have compiled a list of tasks to carry out throughout the year, rather than resolutions…

1. Give a gift to a stranger – I’ve been listening to The Lighthouse Song, by Josh Pyke, and one line hits me every time… “I’ve been leaving gifts out in the woods, that someone might stumble upon and wonder at their origins.” So I’m gonna do it…

2. Leave a pile of glitter on a cafe table –  My daughter gets so excited when I leave little piles of glitter on the table, or by her bed… she thinks the fairies have come to visit. Perhaps finding a pile of glitter on a table will inject some magic in another little girl’s day… or perhaps it will just bother the cafe waitress when she needs to clean it up… hmm, ah well. I’m gonna do it.

3. Climb a tree that I haven’t climbed before – I know I have a tendency to fall out, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t found the right tree yet… there is a tree out there for me, I know it, it’s just waiting for me to climb it. And I’m gonna do it.

4. Start a bookcrossing… As a writer, and a reader, I have this nagging fear that one day technology will take over and books will no longer be physical things that we can hold and smell and touch. I’ve always loved the idea of sharing books, and starting a book on it’s own tour would be kinda cool for me. I’m not sure which book I will start on a tour yet, or where or when I will leave it… maybe I’ll do it twice, or three times… just because I’ve always wanted to. I’m gonna do it.

5. Make a wish for someone else – I wish on everything, the first star, dandelions, eyelashes… my wishes are always the same, for my kids. I think they might just survive if I make a wish for someone else… perhaps I will spend an entire weeks worth of wishes on someone else. I’m gonna do it.

6. Finally –  Dress up as a gorilla and dance on the table at the park. I wont bother explaining, but I will post pictures at some stage this year… I’m gonna do it.

If anyone wants to join me feel free… pick up my list and have a go. In fact, lets start a gorilla table dancing revolution…

Happy New Year All!


~ by Alissa Anderton on January 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “No New Years Resolutions.”

  1. Love your NY Resolutions Lis!! As usual you have put a smile on my face 🙂

    • LOL Connie – they’re no years resolutions!!! (thats what the NYR stands for in my world today!)

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