Shut up Alice and let me say thanks!

Just thought it was about time for a hearty “Thanks Dudes!!”

I’ve been writing here for some time now and as I sit here this morning, for some reason my mind is blank – ok, not actually blank… Alice Cooper’s in there (I know, right!?), but besides that , on another level… just far enough away to not be interrupting a fantastic rendition of Poison, there are all the people who follow my blog.

“SHUT UP, Alice, someone else is taking centre stage for a moment…”

There are some expected things in this world, such as the fact that bananas in my part of Australia are expected to go up to $15 a kilo soon (yeah thanks, Yasi) or that if I check facebook now, no doubt I will be able to find out what at least 2 or more of my friends had for dinner last night, or that no matter how intense my headache gets those fricken lemurs on Madagascar will not stop bloody singing, but there are plenty of unexpected too.

And something that has been unexpected for me, are the people who have taken an interest in my work.

So because I have no pearls of wisdom today I shall dedicate a post to saying thanks, to those people (no, not you Alice.)

My readers include friends, family and strangers – fellow mothers, fellow writers, fellow tree climbers and attention seekers, people who knew me in a past, teen angst ridden life, people who know me, but have never really known me, and people who have never known me, but know me well. One day, I also hope I can add my children to that list, for I would like them to believe their mother has some talent outside a first-class ability to scoop honey onto cornflakes without getting any on the counter.

Thankyou, to those who have taken the time to read, and the time to comment. In my slightly fuzzy version of reality, you have all paid me the greatest compliment I could receive. To those who have read my work (both on this site and outside of it), taken it seriously and spoken to me about it via email, or even phone… an extra, heartfelt thankyou to you, some of you have surprised me with depth I didn’t realise was there, some have given me more confidence in myself, and some of you have given me a laugh when I needed it the most.



~ by Alissa Anderton on February 4, 2011.

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