Teapot Therapy…

Mad Hatter Teapot

The Therapy

You know those days when your world just suddenly turns happy by one seemingly inconsequential event, and then suddenly everything’s going right. It seems that today my inconsequential event was finding a teapot.

It all starts with Phoebe’s 6th Birthday party. She decided, almost as soon as the people walked out the door of her fifth birthday party that it should be a Mad Hatter Tea Party!

“What a brilliant idea indeed,” I said, with little thought to what could possibly be involved in a Mad Hatters Tea Party.

“We’ll need lollies and the Mad Hatter movie, we’ll need a Mad Hatter Hat cake and popcorn and hats, we’ll need everything to be turned upside down and put on the roof, and  we’ll need a teapot, Mummy.”

Now I’m not entirely sure why, but for some reason the teapot thing is what threw me… I mean lollies and hats – pfft, easy, all the furniture on the ceiling – can’t be that hard… Mary Poppins managed it… but a teapot? Surely she didn’t mean MY teapot??

I have a teapot. It’s white, and it’s round and it doesn’t like being invited to Mad hatter Tea Parties because, quite frankly, it’s a little too subdued to be kicking it’s heels up in gay abandon at any type of party… let alone a mad one. It prefers to stay on the shelf, in wait for it’s bedtime bag of camomile tea.

So, my solution was to find another teapot… Enter “The Great Teapot Search of 2011”. Uh, ok… so it wasn’t great, and if I have to be technical, it wasn’t actually a search, but one can never have too many “named” events in their life… it helps you remember the moment.

So that was my “Eureka” moment of the day – finding a pretty white teapot with the potential to hold any number of colourful ceramic glazed spots or stripes on the outside, and a flower or two on the inside, and as a miniature floral “eureka” on the side, a set of pretty purply teacups.

So now I do not mind that I am stuck in my office with piles of blue files just waiting for me to open them, taunting me with their unfinishedness. I don’t mind that the air conditioning isn’t working so well, or that I keep getting emails from someone trying to sell me “bulk Xanax without prescription” and I don’t mind that there is no chocolate within an arms stretch of me (ok, I do mind that actually, but I’m about to change that so I can forgive the chocolate for it’s blatant abandonment in my time of need.)

The point is, suddenly I am happy, and I can only put it down to the teapot’s sudden appearance in my life.

Things happen when you least expect them.



~ by Alissa Anderton on February 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Teapot Therapy…”

  1. Im amazed and amused and I now know Im in way over my head but I know you’ll have mercy.

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