“The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.”

It takes a long time for a leaf to touch the ground in this weather.


It is just about to storm and from my little hideout in the almost-sky, the leaves swirl right in front of my eyes. They think they are still in the freedom of the clear air, high above the rest of us, but they don’t know that it is all just an illusion… they just happen to be landing on the side of the hill that drops away so fast, the ground can’t keep up with itself. Little do they know that if they had fallen, or jumped, from their home only metres West of where they had, the ground would already have caught them.


I wonder if they would have preferred to be caught sooner by the concrete of the front yard, a lesser distance to fall, a harder place to land… or whether the soft grass landing is worth the extra time in the air, those few extra minutes of unsureness.


If they had a choice.


Perhaps they did have a choice…

Perhaps they just chose to trust in the wind, and where it will take them.



~ by Alissa Anderton on March 17, 2011.

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