Insanity is the best state of mind…

According to WordPress this is one of the “top searches” for my blog…

Insanity is the best state of mind.

And I suppose, it’s worth looking into, the whole insanity option. For who but the insane can live in happy co-existance with a three year old mutant child cross animal, who not only insists on displaying his felinity at the dinner table, but also takes his beastlike behaviour one step further and applying it to his toilet training.

tiger, face paint, boy, eating steak

Who else could watch “Happy Feet” one million, three hundred and thirty seven times in a row without falling into a stupor and mumbling “You’re in penguin heaven, try the water, Dave, it’s really real,” or calling the little spanish dude with the faux mohawk at the gym “Rrrrrrrramone”.

Who else could open their breadbox expecting to find bread and finding instead three rubber snakes and a toilet brush, then realising the subliminal message of the toilet brush, rush into the bathroom to find the loaf of bread neatly shredded into the toilet bowl, and not scream.

And finally, if some of us at least, did not adopt insanity as the preferred state of mind, how on Earth would anything ever get done? Because as George Clemenceau said “In order to act you must be somewhat insane, a reasonably sensible person would be satisfied with thinking.”


~ by Alissa Anderton on May 19, 2011.

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