Please do shut up, Dear, it’s only the end of the world for Chrisakes.

The world was supposed to be ending today…or so I thought. Forgive me if I’m wrong, and I may well be, because my only point of research on this particular topic has been recent facebook status updates and an insanely odd text message from someone who I didn’t know (as it turned out, they didn’t know me either, so we smiley faced each other, in the name modern-wrong-number-ettiquette and that was that… I kept the number in case I need a profit to warn me of certain doom again, but I’d love to think my mysterious smiley face friend was Elmo or Kermit, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard any successful fortune telling escapades in the land of muppets… unless you count Abbey Cadabby.. which I don’t – because she’s a fairy, not a muppet…)

It was supposed to happen at 6pm (the end of the world, not the muppet fortune telling), but I thought I’d stay up until midnight just to be sure… it’s now 10 minutes until midnight, and there’s a light sprinkle of rain, but it certainly doesn’t look doomsdayish (or doomsnightish) out there. Although it is quite dark, so perhaps I’m just not seeing the end of the world approaching…

I envisioned something “Langolier” like… One can see rain and lightening any day of the week, but a band of world munching hi bounce balls, crunching their way through my favourite hill, now that is something one would die to see… if you get my meaning.

But to get to my point…

Now that I have safely ascertained that the world will not end today, as the clock ticks into it’s final second (oh look at that, my computer calendar just flipped over – woohoo, celebrate we are safe) I think it’s time we all asked a question.

So what should it be? If we each had one question to ask, and could be assured that we would get the answer, what should it be?

Were Bert and Ernie really just flatmates? Did Danger Mouse have a secret life where both of his eyes saw equally as well as the other? What would chairs look like if our knees were on the back of our legs?

What would you ask? (and no asking the meaning of life… as we all know the answer to that one is 42)


~ by Alissa Anderton on May 21, 2011.

One Response to “Please do shut up, Dear, it’s only the end of the world for Chrisakes.”

  1. Throughout history different people, race’s and religion’s have predicted the end of the world and I can’t understand why, why do people want “the end” ..the end of life as we know it to start what?…another life, and to belive or side by someone who allege’s the knowladge of, what is to benefit..the chance to tell someone how you feel about them ( good or bad ) should I call my boss haha , you should’nt need that, this world is not a aeroplane about to crash! do you want this world to end.. I dont..Im happy in this world with all it’s fault’s cause when Im at fault I know Im not alone and that comfort’s me.

    I noticed a bumper sticker that said ” your mistake’s are waiting to happen ” but then are they really mistakes or lesson’s in life that await you, and are you bad for making a mistake or are you good for learning a lesson?.

    I know my life in this world will end but that’s just a transition, tomorrow .. next week.. next year or fifty years from now it does’nt bother me just as if the world had ended now, what wait’s for me there can now wait longer cause there’s still more I’d like to do, which ask’s my quesion ” what am I here to do? ” beside’s have fun and enjoy life which to me is what life is all about but.. It’s never that simple.. or is it?.

    Am I here to work everyday untill I retire, am I here to raise my children to do the same or am I here to predict the end of day’s to anyone who will listen,No ..I always listen to myself before I listen to anyone else.. so to the fool that say to me that my day has come, I say to you ” I’ll see you tomorrow “.

    So enjoy today and tomorrow and I’ll see you all at the next Armageddon.

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