Ah, my dear, hope is that terrible thing with which good sense is always in constant battle against.”

When I was fifteen I wrote a play for Drama class (didn’t think I had it in me did ya??) It was about a boy, as is always is when your fifteen, and the end shot, that last line that should be so brilliant that everyone remembers it forever and ever was,

“Ah, my dear, hope is that terrible thing with which good sense is always in constant battle against.”

Pretty good Huh?? Huh? Right?

Well I thought so as a teen, looking back I realised I tended to read too much Jane Austen and kind of fancied myself as a 21st century Elizabeth Bennet. Of course I don’t actually know now if I knew what I was saying, or if it was just a moment of incredible teenage lucidity, but looking back I suppose there was some truth to my crazy musings.

I mean, hope and good sense are not always the best of friends are they?

One could hope that Johnny Depp would pull up to the side of the road, step out of his bright pink stretch Hummer and exclaim to the world,

“This girl is perfect for the leading role in my next big blockbuster, come with me, my dear Lis, and we shall blow them all away with your brilliance!” (yes, when I was fifteen I also believed that one day I would be discovered, Edward Furlong like, by a big Hollywood producer or casting director while I was being interviewed by the cops for stealing a rose shaped candle from the two dollar shop for a dare.)

Good sense told me back then that my Edward-Furlong-style discovery was never going to happen, but I still hoped. Good sense has had the decency to crop up recently and dash my Johnny-Depp dreams to the sidewalk – there’s still hope, but it is fighting tooth and nail against that darned good sense and the prospect is not looking good. I think it’s called cognitive dissonance.

I suppose the inconsistency comes from the fact that heart and mind rarely work for the same team, let alone play on the same field -the heart dreams and the mind denies.

So, my point to the story is… does anyone know if Johnny owns a Hummer??

oh, and the play I wrote… it was scrapped by our group in favour of a comedy written by one of the other group members about smelly toilets…


~ by Alissa Anderton on May 30, 2011.

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