What would you do?? A moral dilemma…

What? I didn’t go anywhere.

I’ve been right here the whole time. Honest.

It’s just I’ve been thinking about something… about a man in a tower (has he got a guitar? Yes, lets give him a guitar, but we’ll take it away if he makes the wrong decision in the end), and big bouncy landings, oh and I suppose there’s gotta be a girl in there somewhere too. Doesn’t every good story have one.

So in the name of sporadicity, for my first blog post in, what has it been?? A few months? I’ll regale you with a story that has nothing to do with anything except the fact that I’m a Libran apparently, and am unable to make a decision on what this mythical rocker should do.

So he’s sitting in his room, this wannabe superstar rocker, pondering on what success will be like for him, eating Fantales and staring into the mirrored glass windows of the building across from him as they reflect the city that they tower over.

Without warning his peace is shattered by the sound of alien invasion from above. The towers and the city around them are under attack. Giant pods (I’m thinking snickers Pods), are pouring their gooey flame engulfed peanut toffee over all the buildings. Our hero looks into the mirror, conveniently placed in a “The Bold and the Beautiful” manner above the fireplace so those looking at the back of his head will have an excellent vantage point with which to notice the look of stricken terror upon his face.

Then he hears a call from below. Twenty stories down he sees his saviour, a life net, if he jumps there is a chance he could survive.

One life net.

And in the opposite tower, a girl, on the tenth story. Closer, and obviously far more worthy of the life saving chance at the life net. It is almost guaranteed to save her life if she takes the jump.

So he has a choice, he could take the jump, the life net is right there waiting for him, there is, after all, a small chance he could survive, and take his music to the world. Or he could turn away, in a final act of nobleness, and let the life net dudes down below save the girl in the other tower.

What does he do?
What should he do?
What would you do?

And here’s another question… why the hell have I been pondering this for days??

I’ll expect answers to all questions on my desk by no later than next Tuesday.


~ by Alissa Anderton on September 3, 2011.

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