Introduction to The Adventures of Little Red Riding Rebel and Lady Leewyn Godspeed

flying superhero girl in red cape with clouds

Little Red Riding Rebel

I feel bad… just a little… okay, lots bad, and what makes it worse is I know the only reason I am here reporting to you all right now is that I made a promise to a friend that I didn’t keep. You see, after a very stern wrist slapping (yes I felt that ruler from 2000km away you bully!) I promised a friend that I would blog.


I didn’t. (Did you notice?)

Instead what I spent my time doing was coming up with a really good excuse why I wasn’t blogging! I mean I used to be so good at it in school. I could spend more time on perfecting every tiny detail of my reasoning behind not doing the oral report on The Great Gatsby because I physically couldn’t read past the bit where Fitzgerald gives us all that visual of the flapping ripped apart torso of the dead chick. But for some reason this time words failed me – so here’s a picture… of me saving the world… Superhero style… I think that will appease anyone who says “Oh, what have you been doing for the last month and a half you lazy so-and-so.”

I must mention, though, my partner in crime… I mean… my sidekick… Lady Leewyn Godspeed… here we see her rushing to the aid of some camera defeated tourists at the top of Mount Coot-tha… and yes, unfortunately also giving away our secrets to the forty or so “flying” photo’s we took of ourselves… (and therein lies another of the great deeds we performed that day, for on our departure no less than three kids were lined up full of high flying inspiration – you are welcome, lucky parents… we know that made your day!)

Superhero girl plinth Mount Coot-tha

Lady Leewyn Godspeed

Saving the world.

I think that’s the perfect excuse…

*** stay tuned for the next instalment of “The Adventures of Little Red Riding Rebel and Lady Leewyn Godspeed” where you will meet our trusty steeds, Vic and Gertie. ***


~ by Alissa Anderton on October 28, 2011.

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