Fairies… It’s always about fairies!

Last weekend we went walking through Byron Bay in an attempt to combat weekend boredom and introduce my sister to some local culture… something Byron Bay has no shortage of.

It was in the midst of wandering around, munching on tacos and pizza and trying not to recreate the scene from Old Dogs where that dude dominos a bunch of bikers bikes outside the pub (and here is the moment where you congratulate my sister and I for our prowess in negotiating a giant huddle of Finks “prized possessions” (that means motorcycles for those not listening) carrying three big plates of nachos… Thankyou, thankyou, I know that is impressive for the stability challenged such as ourselves.)

Sorry, where was I??

Oh right!! It was in the midst of all this that she caught my eye.

I would love to take credit for naming her, I’d love to tell you that she spoke to me and told me what I should call her, but I can’t. Her named was derived from an idea Phoebe had for her own fairy… until she changed hers to Sparkles (or Sparks for short). So being the brilliant mother that I am I stole her idea and mine became Glel.

Sleeping, hanging, fairy, faerie, byron bay, through the magic door

Glel, meet my readers. Readers, meet Glel.

She is very beautiful, and cute… and I can’t stop looking at her… (you can’t tell I’m besotted can you??)

Please don’t mistake me, there were others, as is always the case, but she was the first I saw, the first little tiny face that drew me in to the stall selling sleeping fairies on gemstones no bigger than a thumbprint, tiny mermaids hiding in shells, miniature mouse fairies sleeping in their nests of twigs and beautiful hanging fairies made from eagles and emu feathers… I looked at them all, and oohed and aahed over every single one, and every time I was about to leave I’d go to say goodbye to my little friend Glel then get drawn in again, until I realised the only way out of my faerieised groundhog day was to take her with me…

So now she flutters just below the phoenix cage in my loungeroom, and sleeps there, suspended in mid air, waiting for the breeze to come and tickle her feathers to make her look like she really is fluttering.

And I suddenly have decided what every little girl I know is getting for birthday presents next year!!

Through the magic door, Byron Bay, faerie, fairy, feather, statue

Through the magic door, fairy, faerie, Mouse, Byron Bay Market

Fairy, Faerie, Byron Bay, Through the magic door, Market

(If you want to contact Kerrie, who handmakes all these gorgeous little creatures you can contact her on throughthemagicdoor.hotmail.com or see her online shop at throughthemagicdoor.etsy.com or on ebay, where her seller ID is “throughthemagicdoor” – pretty easy huh?? Even I can remember that!!)

Ah, and there was so much more I wanted to tell you about my weekend, but Glel seems to have taken over….

I wanted to tell you about the van we stalked for 20 minutes on the highway because it had my maiden name (crafter) on it's badge... (Sincerest apologies by the way to the driver of this van, we didn't mean to scare you into needing to change lanes twice to get away from us.)

I wanted to tell you about Emma and Tom's Life Juice... which my sister drank... but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to drink someone's life juice, no matter how friendly Emma and Tom may appear (I'd make a terrible vampire right?)

I wanted to tell you about the goat that was frolicking on the hillside... (OOh, a perfect chance for a Where's Wally type game... Can you see the goat?)

I wanted to tell you about this shop, which seemed neither mad nor crazy, yet I loved the sign... and I dare say I'll use it again at some stage...

I wanted to tell you about my recent acquiring of the word Poppycock to my daily vocabulary, the awesomeness of buttery toast and the way french marigolds can cure a nematode problem in garden soil…

I wanted to share all of this, but I wont, because Glel has taken up all my talking time, and now it’s time for my evening Oreo’s and milo before bedtime!



~ by Alissa Anderton on November 10, 2011.

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