Bored or stupid… or bored stupid… either way works for me!!

Unsure whether I was bored or just feeling like I needed to do something stupid to spice up my day but I ended up trawling the net for silly things to do… and came up with a treasure trove of goodies. So I thought I’d share them with you…

This is a list of the one’s that made me laugh the hardest, tweaked by me to make them funnier, and peppered through with things I have actually done, and some of the things I have suggested to people who text me to say they’re bored (why is it they all see me as the entertainment value I wonder (I suppose I’ll decide to take it as a compliment)… which one’s are which?? I’ll never tell Bwaahaaahaaa!!

But try a few, see if you can “fun up” your blah grey and white office, or surprise Darlene at the checkout next time you’re on your way through. I, of course, take no responsibility for any lost limbs or dignity that may be incurred by such actions.

(WARNING – There’s probably a few in here you don’t want to try at the airport…)

1. Trip, fall and knock over a whole mariachi band.
2. Glamorously smoke your breath in the wintertime.
3. Make up silent stories about passersby. Make it interesting, give them super powers, or a dark past that’s about to be uncovered, or a secret identity.
4. Use your hair as a convenient, anytime moustache.
5. Ride a sled down the stairs (It seems like a good idea, because it is a good idea.)
6. Put brushes on your feet to scrub the kitchen floor
7. Solve a murder on a train… you will need to murder someone first.
8. Sit down next to someone at the sushi bar and slide an old briefcase toward them, before they can say anything whisper, “Finally! They said you’d be here an hour ago. Charlie’s waiting at the house.” Then walk away.
9. Wrap up household items and put them under the christmas tree.
10. Press a sign to the car window saying, “I have been kidnapped and am being force fed vegetables” (Hmm, now this is one from the Listory books… I did this when I was about ten years old, on a car trip from Mount Gambier to Adelaide – I like to think I brightened *somebodies* day… it certainly brightened mine!!)
11. Put condoms in trolleys of unsuspecting supermarket shoppers.
12. High five someone waving to someone behind you.
13. Make transformer sounds every time you change positions.
14. Walk up to random strangers saying, “Ronnie!! Ronnie!! It’s really you!!! I thought you were dead!!”
15. Wear a sash that says Mayor… only works well if you are not actally the mayor…
16. In an elevator, casually lean against the button panel.
17. Fake an italian accent.
18. Dye your dog pink.
19. Steal pies from open windows.
20. Rate passersby as though you were an X-factor judge, giving them a score out of ten and some silent criticism on their clothes, their hair and make-up and their ‘X’ factor.
21. Use your secret mind power to make people trip over, or drop their pen, or make their phone ring… the law of averages suggest you’ll eventually get a hit, thereby confirming your psychic ability.
22. Stare at the back of someones head until they turn around… (works on the principal of the “I feel I’m being watched theory”)
23. Pick up a dog so it can see things from your point of view.
24. Introduce yourself to someone as Bella Swan or Edward Cullen… wait to see if you get a reaction… if not, say “just kidding, I’m really Chuck Norris”
25. On a long haul flight scream very loudly every hour on the dot, after each scream pretend you didn’t notice that anyone screamed.
26. make up a word, use it casually in a conversation and see who pretends to understand what it meant.
27. Burn all your waste paper while eyeing your room mate suspiciously.
28. Stare at people through the tines of a fork and pretend they’re in jail.
29. Write your childs lunch order using roman numerals.
30. Write a secret message in permanent texta on a carton of eggs, then put them back on the supermarket shelf…
31. Write a “missing persons” ad for yourself on the back of a milk bottle…
32. Pop some popcorn without putting on the lid
33. When someone says “have a nice day” tell them you had other plans.
34. Hang all your photo frames upside down.
35. Visit a friends house and change all of their clocks.
36. Build an igloo doll house out of ice cubes…
37. Write a letter to someone, run it through the paper shredder and then send it, alternatively, type a letter, change the font to wingdings just before printing and posting it. (works best if you do it with your mother inlaw)
38. If someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
39. Follow someone around, James Bond style.
40. Tuck the end of a toilet roll in the back of your pants, leaving the roll unwinding on the floor and go about your normal office/shopping centre day…
41. Write the surprise twist ending on the inside cover of a library book.
42. At an internet cafe, hunch over a computer typing madly, stop every now and then to give an evil laugh, or stare at someone next to you suspiciously.
43. Bring a chainsaw somewhere. If anyone asks you why you have it look at them sideways and say “just in case…” mysteriously.
44. Drive around with your windows down and the soundtrack to “The Lion King” blaring, singing passionately at the top of your voice, when people look into your car at stoplights grab the air guitar and rock it out or yell out the window “X-Factor rehearsals”
45. Serenade someone in a shopping centre… this works extra well if you have three or more friends to help.
46. In an elevator or on public transport, unzip your bag and say in a loud whisper to the inside of your bag, “Just stay in there, or next time you can stay home.” Look around suspiciously.
47. Pretend to be an elevator attendant, get possessive about the keypad whenever someone tries to press a number. Cry and say, “please, don’t make me redundant! I need this job.”
48. When the checkout person asks how you are, meow at them, keeping a serious face.
49. Wear a puppet on your hand and have all your daily interactions through your puppet.
50. Try paying your grocery bill with monopoly money.

Credit where credit is due!! Check out these sites for more (obviously not as funny) things to do…


~ by Alissa Anderton on November 11, 2011.

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