The Adventures of Mr Pepsi Pants in Pop Up World (also titled “My Monday Nights are Totally Exciting and Not Boring at all.”

White, mouse,

Once upon a time there lived a little white mouse with a black bottom called Mr Pepsi Pants. He was very bored with his life as a cage mouse and wanted some real adventure.

mouse, white, pop up, ship, pirate, adventure

So he set of sailing in his very own pirate ship.

Mouse, Ship, pirate, sailing, adventure

His sailing was never to the highest of standard though, so it was no surprise that he eventually fell overboard.

Twelve, dancing, princesses, mouse, white, pop up, castle

He washed up on the Island of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, an island full of beautiful princesses.

dancing, princess, mouse, white, pop up, island

He danced with all of the princesses.

But when each of them found out about the others he ran away, barely escaping with his life intact.

Treehouse, pop up, robinson carusoe, mouse, white,

He eventually found peace in a lonely little treehouse where there were no princesses in sight, but plenty of cheese growing from the trees... he called it his cheesehouse.

Mouse, white, black, bottom, tail, end,

And this is the end of our tail.


~ by Alissa Anderton on December 19, 2011.

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