Discovered your underwear was on inside out? Make a wish!

What are we wishing for? What do we seek?

and in the midst of our wishing, to who do we speak?

Do we expect someone’s listening, do we speak to ourselves?

do we think we can change our fortune, our health?

Do the wishes we speak fall on ethereal ears

or is there some secret power to forming ideas?

When we seek out the dandelion, fluffy with seeds,

the six spotted ladybird, or feathers in trees,

are we believing their power’s worth more than our dreams?

or are we merely following the rituals we’ve seen?

So what is so huge about making a wish

that we need to watch stars and steal babies first kiss?

And what are we trying to prove by the ruse,

that wishes need “things” to make them come true?

Are we suggesting they’re not for the people who can’t

be bothered to buy a midnight blooming plant?

Are we saying they’re only for those who take time,

to search out the amulets that any can find?

Or is it indeed that our words are our power,

that spoken in any place, at any hour,

without our stubbed toes, new moons or birthday cakes

that believing it’s true, is all that it takes.

dandelion, seed, floating, fairy, wish

There are so many things in this world to wish on, the North star, the first star, falling stars, birthday candles, stubbed toes, birthday moons, eyelashes, underwear. I recall spending my childhood summer days searching for dandelions gone to seed, ladybugs, curly chips, pink vintage cars (there was only one in my town) and fairy rings and I remember my father driving irritatingly slow past the cemetery because he knew I was holding my breath in a bid to squeeze another wish out of my already wish filled day. Each year as I get older I find more and more things to wish on… catching the clock at 11:11, white horses, feathers stuck in trees, necklace clasps and snowflakes… and it makes me think about the human tendency to want more than we have, for after all, isn’t that what a wish is all about. It seems to me that the reason there are so many things to wish on is a result of the the human race wanting more.

And more we give ourselves, because we always are inventing new ways to wish. Just today I discovered that if you shake your fist at a black horse and it looks at you, you can make a wish. If you wish on a white horse, you shouldn’t look at it’s tail. If you sneeze once you can make a wish, but a second sneeze will cancel it. I’m sure I will adopt all of these little rituals into my daily life in an attempt to score on the wishometer, but is it really necessary.

Walt Disney was a firm believer in wishes. “When you wish upon a star”, a favourite Disney tune, promises the realisation of our wishes, as long as we believe wholeheartedly in what we wish for. Maybe that’s the secret, maybe that’s why we have created so many amulets and rituals based around wishes, because we don’t believe in our own power to grant our own wishes. Maybe a wish-giving object is merely a placebo, something that concretes our wish and gives us reason to believe in it, not the source of the magic at all, but a way for us to believe strongly enough so that it will come true.

Personally, I have made the same wish every time, a million times a day, on a million different things, fairy rings, elephant shaped clouds, pin pricked fingers and sometimes just to myself for no apparent reason, and I’ll continue making the same wish every time I lift my feet up while driving over the railway lines, every time I see a black feather on the ground, every time I meet a genie from the lamp. Even though the rituals and talismans are most likely completely unnecessary, they prompt me, and also make me feel a little silly performing them, which just confirms the thought that something good will come of it… (only good things come from innocent silliness… unless it involves a butane torch or fire works kids.)

I’ll never really know if my wish is coming true, but I suspect, so far, it probably is.

~ by Alissa Anderton on April 3, 2012.

One Response to “Discovered your underwear was on inside out? Make a wish!”

  1. Alissa you may wish for fish on my Ish wish dish 😉

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