Writers Dictionary

Lethologica – a disease that inflicts writers with mind numbing loss of brain control. Symptoms include: staring at the screen blankly, searching online thesaurus’s, babbling strings of barely connected words out loud and procrastination. 


Procrastination – a disease which inflicts writers with a undeniable need to drink coffee, eat cake, play on Facebook, or think of anything that has NOT to do with finishing their work. Symptoms usually appear toward the end of the first draft and continue until editing and polishing is complete and may include: excessive blogging, cleaning the shower, sudden interest in crochet art, rearranging the pantry and/or incessant text messaging and emailing every acquaintance in the phone book. 


For want of a better word – a phrase which writers and non-writers alike use when Lethologica or laziness sets in. Warning – should not be used more than once or twice in any conversation as when used repeatedly can give the impression that you really have no idea what you’re talking about. 


Angst – a word made popular by the writing community and used in times of brain freezing stress. Can be used to express irritation in stages of writing including but not limited to, first draft, second draft, editing, polishing and submitting. Also may be used for those moments that you realise a plot hole exists that is unable to be fixed without changing the entire story line. 


Shhhhh – a word used by writers when struck by inspiration mid-conversation. Can be distinguished from the more commonplace “Shh” (a general call for silence) by the dreamy far-away look in the speakers eyes, and the sudden frantic search for any writing medium, including but not limited to pen and paper,  electronic notebook or eyeliner on napkin.


Sounding Board – A member of a typically small group of people who can bear to listen to the incessant sounding out of characters, improbable events and mad motorcycle chases that may occur at any time during the first draft of a new novel.  



~ by Alissa Anderton on September 1, 2012.

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