Times they are a changing…

There’s going to be some big changes around here. 

I’m going to be here more for one thing, I’m going to be a little more organised for another… 

Yup, I’m actually going to have a category labelled “Organisation” because I have figured out that for my brain to function in any normal capacity my surroundings need to be organised, my computer needs to be organised, my kids need to be organised.. at least enough for them to remember where they put their marbles (because losing marbles in a common thing in our house, and if you’ve ever stepped on someone’s lost marble you’ll understand how easy it is to be put out of action by stray lost marbles), I also need to start implementing phases…

My problem is my OCD and ADD personality types, they war with each other. The good part of having warring personality types, always having a debating partner… the bad part, starting a million things that are never finished. Like the internal conversation I had this morning… 

“Right, this garage needs to be sorted out”

“Yes, Yes, lets do that. Lets make it all neat and clean it out and we’ll be able to find things.”

“Ok, lets start a list.”

“Right, I got the mobile, let’s start on that list… oooh, someone commented on my facebook page.”

“Enough facebook, lets start a list.”

“Right the list… wonder what’s on pinterest, there might be some advice on making lists.”

“Enough Pinterest, let’s start the list. First thing, sorting things from this pile into “keep, throw, charity” piles.”

“Ooh look, at these shoes, I forgot I had these, lets dress up like a pirate!”

“Must start organising something.”

“Hey lets organise my shoes!”

“OK, lets start a list.”

“Ok, here’s the phone. Ooh, someone commented on facebook.”


You can see, I am in trouble. 

I am posting here so I am accountable to me. 

The OCD me. And Lissaland. 

I am now accountable to the president of Lissaland… Wait, that’s me too.

OOh, look… there’s something new on facebook…


~ by Alissa Anderton on March 3, 2013.

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