About me!

I have decided to get with the times and start blogging. Why? It’s a long story…well, perhaps it’s not so long, and seeing as telling stories is in my nature let me tell you one right now!

Once upon a time lived a girl who, quite frankly, knew how to use her computer, but the internet stayed a mystery to her for many years (after all, the internet wasn’t invented when she was born, so can you really blame her?).

After reading a group of books that inspired her (and those of you who know me will know what books I am talking about, those who don’t – I’m not going to tell you, it’s just too embarrassing and I really don’t want to be categorized as the “sheep” type, which any clue to the books I am talking about will undoubtedly do!) she decided that perhaps she could start to share some of her own work with the rest of the world.

So she read books, and books, and books. And the books told her to create a blog site. Then she talked to others in her position. And the others told her to create a blog site. Then she talked to friends. And the friends told her to create a blog site. So she started thinking..Perhaps, just perhaps, she should start a blog site. What a brilliant idea! And one that she came up with all on her own, nonetheless!

So this is it. The blog site of me! Time will tell as to the frequency and quality of the posts. I can’t promise you anything. But I will assure you that soon I will fill this site with fiction that you can read to your hearts content, and give you insights into my novels, both the written ones and the ones that are yet to be written.

Oh, and one other thing. I guess I am kind of shy about people reading my work (hence only sending a manuscript to an agent for the first time just recently!) so my blog (under the page heading ‘Home’ at the top right hand corner of the screen) will become an instrument to cure my aversion to sharing!

If you do end up reading my fiction please comment, good or bad – I want to know it all!


12 Responses to “About me!”

  1. So let me get this straight… you’ve created a blog site??? =P
    Looking forward to reading some of your work, Lis. You already know I think you are very talented. =)

  2. Yay Lis you have a blog site!!! I will be here regularly 🙂

  3. How cool are you Lis!!!!!! I can’t wait to read your stories when i have a spare minute! Love to you, Daise & the kids XXX

  4. Brilliant Lis!
    As one of the first fans of Jonas and Co. I am really thrilled to see your blog site in action. We are both eagerly awaiting the publishing. Love to you and your team,
    Tono and Kiss

  5. Wow Lis, you are wealth of talent and creativity! Is there anything you can’t do?! Look forward to going to my bookshop and picking up a copy of your published work.
    Kim, Mal & Chloe.x

  6. Hey lis,
    this is awesome and so cool i can’t
    wait to read the book


  7. Well it seems your creativity knows no bounds…good on you! I have every faith that your latest brainchild will be a testiment to you endless ideas, faith and courage. Loved the book you gave me for my birthday – thankyou so much. I am gobbling up others as well. You are a true inspiration. Catch up with you soon,
    Love to you and yours XXXX

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  9. Your a beautiful ready to blossom. I look forward to seeing your true colours displayed confidently and proudly. You have have wings and now is time to use them my dear.

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