So! To start using my blog for what it was intended let me share some bits and pieces about the novels I have in the pipeline, not all of them…just the ones I hope may cross the desks of agents and publishers one day.

*   *   *   *   *


Emily has blamed herself for her fathers death for years. When she meets Jonas, a stranger who somehow knows too much about her, she discovers not only the real reason for her fathers death, but a secret about life on earth that no human was ever meant to know.

Despite her fear of the unknown and her scepticism about anything that defies her version of reality, Emily finds herself thrust into a world she never imagined could exist, with the aim of saving the life of someone who once had tried to take hers.

Currently this novel is: waiting for an agents reply.

*   *   *   *   *


When you go through the pain of losing someone you love, your emotions, your dreams, your hopes, your image of them, all get caught in that last moment you see their face. If they are taken from you through any form of injustice it is especially true. So what then happens when, after years of losing your own identity to grief, you discover their death was a lie, a carefully planned rouse to ensure no one ever looks for them?

You start looking of course. 
After years of exacting revenge upon the people who killed her lover, Amara discovers he is alive, although finding him will ultimately condemn her to death and place her friends in mortal danger, there is nothing that will stop her from seeking him out.
A story of obsession, betrayal and above all, regret.
Currently this novel is: finished first draft – now polishing……

I have a select group of people whom I trust to read my novels before they make it to the agents desk. They help me pick my stories apart and reassemble them in such a way that others can understand me! I just thought I would share what one of them thought half way through reading Amara…. (just cos I loved what they said so much! LOL)


OMG I am half way through your book and I just wanted to let you know how I feel about it so far…….

To tell you the truth all I keep thinking about is Amara!!  I wonder if she will get her wish to be with Cam…..if she will end up with Harper……if Misha will become an enemy….who is Raiyn really and how does she play a part in this…..all these thoughts keep running through my head and when I put your book down, I am so eager to pick it back up again!  I feel for Amara totally!  I want to see her happy and even though her and Cam have a past, I am wishing that she would put the past
behind her and see what is in front of her now.  Argh!!!  All these
emotions sweep through me Lis….you are truly a great writer!!!!

Anyway I will continue reading but then will be disappointed again when I have finished reading because your story has finished – just like it was when I finished reading  Emily!!!!  *BIG SIGH*  BUT I will be happy because I will have finished another one of your future best sellers and I will feel privileged and honoured to be one of the chosen few to read your books before the world does!!!! Lol – I seriously do hope that your
dream of being published comes true for you, because I know so many people who would love your books!!!!!!!


9 Responses to “Novels”

  1. The Kids think Paragon sounds like a great story!

  2. Intriguing indeed!! So…looking forward to a read. You have whet my appetite.

  3. Amara sounds like a great read Lis!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Wow, Amara sounds like a fantastic read!

  5. Miss Lis, So looking 4ward 2
    burying my nose in ur books…

  6. =) I feel so priviledged to be part of your blog hehehehe.

  7. Hey Alissa!

    Long time, no speak! I just found your blog and wanted to say…

    Hurry up and get Paragon published! It sounds great, and I wish you all the very best with your writing in the future.

    Best wishes,

    Raye 🙂
    (otherwise known as Rachael, that annoying, loud girl from Grant High..)

  8. please put up more of the stories, i said please.

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